Getting there: Air Canada/Lufthansa

Where dpr stayed: This was a short trip 3-day trip. She stayed at the Park Hotel Amsterdam – very centrally located, about a 20 minute taxi ride from the airport.

Fun: With only one day to explore (the other full day was for a meeting), dpr made the most of being centrally located. After checking in bags and freshening up from an overnight flight from North America, it was time to put on some layers (it was mid-December), bundle up, and head out for a walk. Armed with a map of researched stores and coffee shops, off she went to buy last minute Christmas gifts and sample the Dutch delights. She walked past the flower market, checked out the canals, shopped in the Nine Streets, and had delicious Thai food for dinner. The second night was a lovely Indonesian meal that was definitely up there in terms of quality and tastiness. Although it was a whirlwind trip, it was a blast heading out for an afternoon to explore Amsterdam.

Tips:  1. It was December – take layers – it was insanely damp and chilly. 2. Do you know anyone who’s lived in Amsterdam or from the Netherlands? dpr did her homework with friends beforehand to see how one could make the most of an afternoon/evening in the city. 3. Watch your belongings – dpr always gets freaked out in Europe at the thought of pickpockets, so grips her bag with all her might! 4. After an unsuccessful attempt at checking in on arrival (it was before noon), dpr decided to leave her passport locked at the hotel front desk. Just in case….


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