Santa Monica

Getting there: Air Canada, car rental required for LA!

Where we stayed: Sheraton Delfina – stupidly good deal never to be seen again since on hotwire. Managed to snag an oceanview room and upon request, we moved to a higher floor with a nicer view. Small, but well equipped gym, nice pool area, free parking if you can get a spot, otherwise they ding you for cheesy valet parking, and another cheesy feature is paying for wifi. The hotel rents bikes for 3 hours at a time (something like $20 plus had locks).

Fun: Sunny and high-20s in the middle of January (!), our favourite red velvet cake from Lemonade, a donut from Randy’s on the way in from LAX, a nice long bike ride along the Pacific.

Tip:  1. This was kind of a spur of the moment trip planned that was a 3 day weekend for dpr, and a longer work trip for d2. To maximize time in LA, dpr took the redeye home on the Sunday night. She’ll be honest, it sucked and it sucked even more because the guy next to her decided to shuffle papers for the whole flight, preparing for a job interview the next day (hello, who takes a redeye flight to a job interview???), but in terms of getting maximum time for a weekend in LA, it was worth it. 2. Check the weather forecast online for your trip! LA was unseasonably warm during this trip and although we brought flipflops, we only had pants which were a little on the warm side. 3. We’re Canadian – we love hockey! When we can, we try to go to games on trips, and it’s a bonus when one of our teams is playing (Oilers or Leafs …. doesn’t matter which really since they’re both stinkers). We scored tickets to the Kings/Oilers game for $30 each and went to the Staples Centre to check it out.

Email diary:

January 16, 2011: Cali Diary 2011 (*little did I know we’d go again later in the year….)

Hey Everyone:

Here are a few pictures from our mini long weekend getaway – first off, the weather’s been amazing – in the mid-20s during the day, and just needing a sweater at night – sigh…do I have to go back to cold and snow??

We arrived late Thursday night, picked up the rental car, and then of course went straight to Randy’s Donuts for a donut before making our way to Santa Monica. Friday morning we started out with a run at the beach and our room also has a crazy ocean view. We did a bit of shopping in LA on Friday and then back to Venice Beach (just south of Santa Monica, about a 5 minute drive from our hotel) to shop and to go to a little resto we discovered last year that has super amazing red velvet cake – we had 3 slices this weekend! Friday night we walked around downtown S.M. – there’s a pedestrian street here that is a lot like the one in Miami Beach. Back to the hotel via a walk overlooking the ocean and for slice of red velvet #2. Saturday we took it easy – worked out at the hotel and then went for a really nice long walk all along the boardwalk in Venice Beach, which is such a crazy place if you’ve never been there. All sorts of folks selling all sorts of things. We came back via the beach – so nice. Then off to downtown to see the Oilers lose to the Kings at the Staples Center (check another NHL rink off our list! We’ve been to all in Cali now!). The sunset picture was taken lastnight from our room’s balcony. And today was another relaxing day enjoying the ocean – we rented bikes from our hotel this morning for 3 hours and rode to Marina Del Ray along the boardwalk (MDR is just south of Venice), went for slice of red velvet #3(!), and spent the afternoon walking along the beach again and then just hanging out.

Now I’m just getting ready for d2 to drive me to the airport (probably via Randy’s Donuts)- it’s so hard to leave here! Lucky d2 is here until Wednesday shopping away for work.

much love to you all!!

dpr and d2



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