Indonesia, Part 5

March 23, 2010

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re having a good start to your week. We’re back in Jakarta now – we arrived here on Sunday night after a few more blissful days in Bali.

I promised I would send more pics of the amazing villa we stayed in there – they are the first 5 pictures. I tried to put them sort of sequentially to help you see the layout of the place. The villa is all gated, so off a main street in Sanur, you drive down a long driveway and enter a bamboo gate – this is where you see the entrance to the villa itself. When you go past this entry-way, straight ahead is the pool, to the right is one of the houses (there is a living room on the top floor and two bedrooms and baths on the main floor), and on the left is a common area (kitchen, dining room and living room), and then past the pool is another house that has 3 bedrooms and baths. The bedroom pictured here is where we stayed – it opens up to a lovely balcony (also a pic here) and from this bedroom, you can look out to the pool and across the pool at the house that has the living room and bedrooms. Like I said before, everything is open – I think I liked that about it a lot – the bathrooms are all open to the outdoors, and the common area is just sheltered by a roof, and the kitchen is walled, but everything else is completely open. There are also some people who live at the villa – a driver, a gardener, a cook. The driver and cook are married and have a little 7-year old as well. The cook is AMAZING – she fattened us up really nicely :o) The villa is used by mom’s cousin for his family, business associates, and so on. Very privileged to stay there for sure.

Our last few days in Bali we spent relaxing – we walked the main strip and did some shopping, got some foot massages ($3 for 30 min!), hung out at the beach, and watched the sunrise. Simply put – I love Bali and hope I can visit again one day not too far away!!

We’ve been doing some power shopping again in Jakarta and power-eating, too. Today we had some tasty coffee and some toast with sugar on it. Sounds simple, but it was sooooo tasty – a huge thick slice of toast with  palm sugar on it – here I am diving in to it. Yum.

That’s about it for now. Only a few more days here and then on to Hong Kong.

take it easy.


dpr and d2



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