Getting there: Air Canada to LA, rental car picked up at LAX

Where we stayed: We have to be honest – the California coast has a lot of really outdated hotels and motels which feel like you’re in a bit of a time warp. If you have money, luxury isn’t an issue here – and if you’ve read some of the other entries, that’s clearly not the 2d’s! Lonely Planet helped us score a couple nights at the Newport Beach Hotel right along the PCH, we stayed at a total dive motel in San Diego which dpr would rather forget, and then we splurged on a Joie de Vivre hotel (Pacific Edge) in Laguna Beach.

Fun: Almost exactly a year ago, the 2d’s traveled from Vancouver to Seattle, then San Francisco to LA. This trip from LA to San Diego was meant to finish up the coast tour. We wanted to hit up some of our faves in LA, and explore down to SD and back. Not much on the agenda here except enjoying the coast and California in general.

Email diaries:

November 23, 2010: West Coast Diaries #1, Year 2

Hello from way down in San Diego, everyone!! Here are some pics for you of our trip so far. We arrived on Saturday afternoon in LA, and after we picked up our super duper Chevy Aveo rental, we drove straight to Randy’s Donuts to grab me a long john that I’ve been craving for a year minus one week since I had one last. Mmmmmmmmmm – tasted so good when it hit the lips!! Then we headed to Santa Monica and Venice Beach to do some shopping. We also hit up a little resto we went to last year and had a nice piece of red velvet cake. Yum again – not a bad way to start off the vacation at all :o). We spent 2 nights in Newport Beach – in the southern part of LA – our little motel was a 5 minute walk to the beach – the second picture is close to the hotel. Lastnight we went to Anaheim and watched the Oilers barely beat the Ducks…but they did – and we were part of a little more than a handful of Oilers fans there. This morning we drove down the coast to San Diego with some amazing stops along the way to catch the view – the last 2 pictures were part of our trip down. We stopped in a few places to shop and check out the beaches, too. The “Solana” pic is close to San Diego and the little succulent plant that’s pictured is all up and down the coast here – it almost looks like a lush carpet and it also blooms purple and yellow flowers. We arrived in SD late this afternoon and ventured to Little Italy and downtown to the Gaslamp Quarter. Mostly just walked around and shopped a bit too. We only have a few more days here in Cali. Just trying to figure out what’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a good week.

lots of love,
dpr and d2


November 25, 2010: West Coast Diaries #2, Year 2

Hey Everyone!

Tonight is our last night in Cali after an action-packed 5 days here :o( We spent a couple of nights in San Diego and did some exploring there. Yesterday morning we went for a walk near the motel and happened upon this sea lion who was all by himself near the dock. He hung out for awhile, snorted a bit, and then was on his way. After that, we spent the day tootling around neighbourhoods in SD to either shop or just walk around. We went to El Indio for lunch which is a Mexican resto – not too bad, then we did more walking and shopping, and opted for dessert before supper. We went to a place called Extraordinary Desserts and shared a tasty piece of strawberry cake and I had a super amazing latte there. This morning we started out the day with a little walk at UCSD and then drove up the pacific coast highway back to Laguna Beach…home of The Hills :o) ! We splurged on our hotel here and it’s worth it – we have a lovely balcony all to ourselves to enjoy the view, and the sound of the waves crashing is amazing. We went for a long sunset walk, had a hot tub, and are getting ready for bed now. On our way to Chicago tomorrow…I’m so going to miss the ocean until I’m back again at some point!

Just wanted to let you all know that we’ve had a good time here in California – lots of good food and sights as always. Tomorrow we’re going to make a pit stop at Randy’s Donuts again on the way to the airport. Cannot. Wait.

lots of love,
dpr and d2



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