China, Part 5

Email diary:

March 14, 2008: Hello!

Hey Everyone:
I thought I would send you another update since I’ve been bad and haven’t emailed in a couple of days (well, except for this morning). So today we went to explore the Shanghai arts area which is part of the French Concession. We started the day off by a Shanghai subway adventure, got off and went to a dumpling restaurant that was recommended by my Lonely Planet guide. We were not let down- green onion cakes, stirfried veggies, and a big plate of mixed dumplings with tea for $6. Then we walked on through the French Concession to the art area. This area is within the alleyways where people live, so it’s a really unique mix of studios, stores, and regular Shanghainese who live there. After we walked ourselves silly, we went back to the subway to return to where we started, closer to our hotel. It was rush hour at this point. The subway was pretty crazy- see the second picture. Tonight we had a gourmet dinner at McDonald’s- my 5 McNuggets cost less than $1. I realize I stress money a lot- but I just cannot get over how cheap food is here. After dinner we walked along the Bund again to see the views of the Pudong side of Shanghai again- that’s the last picture I’ve attached. Today was sunny and clear, so the view was especially nice. I was lucky enough to not run in to Mr. P or any of his posse tonight while there. Now we’re just figuring out what’s up for tomorrow, our last day in Shanghai.

I hope you all have a good Friday!




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