China, Part 6

Getting there: Dragon Air from Shanghai to Hong Kong

Where we stayed: The Stanford Hillview Hotel in Kowloon – a good find – decent room (slightly outdated, but good price), free wifi, good location in Kowloon close to a grocery store, lots of restaurants and stores, close to Kowloon station bus shuttle stop.

Tips: 1. Hong Kong feels very English still and there’s lots of English spoken here. 2. Hong Kong’s transportation system is great – easy to navigate, cheap, and extensive. 3. You can bargain in the markets – don’t be afraid!

Email diary:

March 16, 2008: Last stop: Hong Kong

Hey Everyone:
So we’ve reached our final destination now- Hong Kong. It feels a lot more familiar than China did for sure.

Our last day in Shanghai we went took the subway to another artsy-area called M50- it is a complex of warehouses that have galleries and artist studios in them. Compared to the other art area we visited, this one was much more ‘pure’- no nick-nacky kinds of things- just art. It is a really nice area. As per usual, we also had some tasty dumplings, soup, and tarts for lunch. The first picture here is from M50. Then we took the subway to the area of Shanghai called Pudong- across the river from where we were staying, on the side that has all of the skyscrapers. I’ve attached a picture of a couple of the buildings there- one is Jinmao Tower and the other is called the Shanghai World Finance Building. There’s also another picture of the Oriental Pearl Tower from that side- it kind of reminds me of sputnik or something. It was cool to see the city from this side. Then back to the other side for some dinner- yummers- we had Japanese food. Back to our hotel to have a nice sleep in second hand smoke- let’s just say there’s a lot of smoking in China that’s not so cool with me!

This morning we were up bright and early with the roosters- no joke, we heard one near our hotel this morning when we caught the cab to the airport. We arrived in Hong Kong in the early afternoon and catching a train and then hotel shuttle were seamless. We checked in to our hotel that is on a very steep hill- feels very San Francisco-ish- and then went out to explore the harbourfront. It’s sooo nice and warm here right now and it’s green everywhere. I’ve attached a picture of the harbour- looking across to Causeway Bay from the Kowloon side, where we’re staying. We had Vietnamese food for dinner tonight- d2 had to roll me up the hill back to the hotel, I was so full. We also went out to check out a market called Temple St. Market- lots of good Vuitons if anyone needs one! Also some Tommy Helen socks (i.e. Hilfiger) and Giovanni Kelvin (i.e. Calvin Klein) undies. The names are all quite good.

Ok, I’m toast and need to catch some zzzz’s. Enjoy your Sunday!




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