China, Part 7

Email diary:
March 17, 2008: Hong Kong Day 2

Hey Everyone:
So Monday’s drawing to a close here and I’m pooped out. We went on a little run around Kowloon this morning first thing (ok that’s relative since we slept in), then off to explore a shopping area. We walked up to a part of the city that d2 has been to on a previous trip- there’s lots of shoes and sportswear there, so we ducked in and out of tonnes of shops. I’ve attached a picture here of the street scene there. It’s very interesting how the whole sky above the street is covered in signage. As per our usual routine, we managed to find a little restaurant for dumpling soup and tea for lunch. I found some good deals on a Nike bag and sports top, so was quite happy about that. Then we took the subway to the other side of Hong Kong, the Causeway Bay side, and took a bus up to the top of Victoria Peak. The bus was a doubledecker- most of the busses here are- and the ride was pretty cool up the super narrow, windy road. The view from the Peak was really amazing- it was a bit cloudy, but we arrived near dusk, so we saw the view in (nearly) daylight and after sunset. We had a good American meal at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co while we were up there. So wrong, I know, but we just had to have some shrimp and key lime pie. A picture is attached of the view. Then we took a cool tramway back down the hill- it is a cablecar like in San Francisco- and the ferry back to Kowloon. d2 took a couple of cool pictures of the city here, including one from the ferry- I’ve attached them and they remind me of Gotham City from Batman!

Hong Kong is a very lively place. There are LOTS of people on the streets at all times of the day (at least that we’ve been out). On our way home after 9 pm, it was like rush hour on the sidewalks and all of the stores are still open, some well past 10. We even passed a bridal boutique near our hotel that was still open. Quite funny.

Ok, have to go now and look up things for tomorrow’s excursion. I hope you are all having a good Monday.




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