West Coast Diaries, Part 1

Getting there: Air Canada to Vancouver, car rental starting in Vancouver, drop off in Seattle

Where we stayed: The Hyatt downtown Vancouver – good gym, well appointed room, good meeting facilities, central location, close to airport train station. Travelodge near the Space Needle in Seattle – hotwire find and pretty much a dump – so in need of a reno, but it was pretty central, had free wifi, and free breakfast, also had a small gym that did the job.

Tips: 1. The car rental company gave us a big boat instead of the economy car we requested. We ended up getting a discount, but don’t be afraid to ask for a bigger one than what they offer. 2. If you don’t need the rental car, instead of paying for it and probably parking for it,  return it – we walked during our stay in Seattle. 3. We found a coupon for the airport shuttle in one of the brochures from our hotel, so we got a discount on our ride to the airport.

Email diary:

November 22, 2009: West coast diaries #1

Hey Everyone!
Hope you had a good weekend. Are you ready for an update on our travels so far? Here goes….

I arrived in rainy Vancouver on Wednesday, and d2 joined me on Friday afternoon. Basically it rained the entire time we were there, along with a few periods of lighter rain. Since I was mostly busy in meetings the whole time, this was ok by me! I did get to skip out yesterday morning and we went out and enjoyed the city a bit. This morning we also went for a nice long walk downtown before we picked up the car. I’ve included a pic of the Olympic clock countdown for you.

We picked up the car just before noon, and basically we’ve got a retired person’s dream – a nice huge Lincoln Towncar. She tried to sell it to us as an ‘upgrade’ but when asked if we could get a smaller car, she revealed that this boat was the only thing that could cross the border and stay there. Oh well, we travelled in complete luxury in the old TC down to Seattle. It was a nice drive – rainy off and on, with a quick stop to the LuluLemon outlet an hour outside of Seattle. The spending has begun! Next stop was a place called GasWorks Park, which is on the water and used to be a synthetic natural gas producing plant. It’s a nice park with all of this super ugly industrial equipment in it – different, I suppose! Next stop was the apartment building from the movie Singles. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see this place – I LOVED that movie, and as a bonus, it’s not too far from our hotel. A little stop to check out a designer store, and then checked in to the old Travelodge near the Space Needle. We just grabbed some Subway and now we’re settling in to do some research for tomorrow’s excursion downtown.

Just wanted to say hello. Feels like I’ve been away from home for awhile now…and we’re just starting the trip! More to follow…

lots of love,

dpr and d2



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