West Coast Diaries, Part 4

Tips: 1. As with other entries, see if it’s cheaper to buy a day transit pass than get on and off a whole bunch of times. 2. Even for road trips, we only rent a car for the days we know we’re going to use it.

Email diary:

November 29, 2009: West coast diaries #4

Hey Everyone:
I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

We’re having a good time and keep eating tasty foods and seeing interesting things every day. Yesterday we bought a day-long bus pass and road transit all over SF. We started out by going to the very west-side of the city to check out the coast and the cliffs. It was sunny and really beautiful. From there we checked out a lot of little neighbourhoods and shops. I’ve attached a picture from a park with row houses just west of downtown. It was cloudy and a bit rainy by then and a nice little rainbow popped out for this picture (barely visible on the left). Tasty Mexican food for lunch yesterday. The afternoon was spent exploring more neighbourhoods including Japantown, and then we took the bus back to our hotel, did some more shopping, and then went out for Indonesian food for dinner. I saw this restaurant called Borobudur when I was in SF two years ago, and it’s still there, so that’s where we ventured. We opened up the door and the restaurant smelled just like Mom and Pop’s, so we knew it was going to be good! Mmmmmmmm….was it ever! After that we road the bus up to a cable car stop and took the famed cable car home – we road at the back of the car hanging on to the rail – super, super fun!

This morning we got up and went for a run to check out the ball park, which is along the Bay, then ran along the waterfront there. We picked up the car just after noon – another ‘upgrade,’ but this time only to a G6, not a hugey car. So we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge – super cool! – and the Muir Woods, which is a nearby redwood grove. The forest smelled so, so good, and the trees were unbelievable. I don’t think the pictures do the trees justice, but they were amazingly tall and so old. We drove to a lookout point of SF before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge again, and then found our way to Highway 1 and followed the coast all the way to Monterey. We saw a fantastic sunset over the Pacific, and are ready for a full day again tomorrow in Monterey.

Hope you enjoy the pics and talk to you soon.


dpr and d2



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