The Keys to Life

This is the 2ds’ art collaboration so to speak – d2 has an arts slant, and since dpr pretty much has zero artistic talent, this is as close as she’s ever going to get. Like with The Money Experiment, lost keys are frequently encountered during the 2ds’ adventures in Toronto and other places they visit. Of course they started to pick up found keys – resulting in a collection of 126 keys (with 5  in the queue to go up on the wall) since 2007 (don’t worry – they get the soap and water treatment before they go up!). Being methodical sorts, the 2ds tag each key with where and when it was found before putting it up on the wall – with keys from China, Hong Kong, Europe, all over the US (the actor Tim Robbins passed the 2ds on his bike in Venice Beach just after they picked up a great key there in October 2012), and Canada.


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