Chicago (and burbs) in May

Getting there: Air Canada on points.

Where we stayed: The W City Center for a night downtown, then Chez Uncle T’s in the ‘burbs. The 2ds got a great deal on the W and it was quieter than the usual dj-thumpin’ W’s the 2ds have stayed in (*note, this was not a bad thing!), but just as chic. As with other W’s, there’s free wifi in the lobby, but not in the rooms (giant eyeroll), and free coffee and hot choco in the lobby in the morning. The room was small, but good, and the requested courtyard facing room avoided loud and constant noise from the nearby L train. There was actually a window that opened (bonus in a hotel room), a well equipped but small gym, and the staff at the hotel were very friendly. Being centrally located, it was super easy to either walk or take transit around. It goes without saying that Chez Uncle T’s in the ‘burbs was divine – a sprawling ranch with a lovely office, free internet, nightly all you can eat buffets, many channels with NHL playoffs (and one that even has the Hockey Night in Canada feed – thank goodness!), and miles of roads to run on that include amazing sites of Canada geese, cardinals and robins, bunnies, corn fields, and lakes. A different world compared to the 2ds usual downtown life – and a good break from it all.

Fun: The 2ds downtown excursion was jam packed with the usual favourites for shopping: Nordstrom Rack (there’s 2!), Scoop NYC, Barney’s, Room and Board, regular Nordstrom, and City Target; and for eats: the 2ds found a new healthy spot called Protein Bar (delicious) and offset that with tasty treats from Sprinkles (see pic below) and Magnolia cafe (another pic below), and who can deny a burger from Epic??


3 thoughts on “Chicago (and burbs) in May

    • Yep, that pic is from this latest trip – and it was super cold. Maybe you recognize the sculpture from the gem of a movie, The Lakehouse :o)

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