Getting there: Air Canada on points.

Where dpr stayed: With friends (dog and cat included!) in Cambridge.

Fun: If you can believe it, the 2d’s have friends who live in Cambridge  with the same first names….so they’re the Boston 2d’s vs. the TO 2d’s when everyone’s together. d2 was in Guangzhou for work, so dpr packed up for the May 2-4 long weekend and went to visit the Boston 2d’s. dpr’s been to Boston quite a few times and done a lot of the touristy things (walked the Freedom Trail, visited the North End, Chinatown, Downtown Crossing, Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, and the nearby very thought-provoking Holocaust tribute), so this trip was more about just hanging with the Boston 2d’s, seeing a few sights, and eating (that’s a ritual when this crew gets together). The first day the 3d’s ventured out to Andover to find a path mentioned in a Rave Run in Runner’s World a couple of years back, the Mary French Nature Preserve. Let’s just say that Runner’s World didn’t provide stellar directions, so after scratching their heads profusely to no avail, driving around more than aimlessly for too long,  and then finally asking a local, the 3d’s found the path, and it was definitely off the well traveled route. The path started out as a few planks that create a sidewalk across a boggy swamp (see pics below – and good one, Runner’s World – as if anyone’s running on that!) and then takes you through a circuit in the forest, which was filled with fiddleheads, all kinds of evergreen trees, and at this time of year, lovely green worms falling from trees (!). All in all, it was a worthwhile find. Food included delicious tacos from Olecito (go for the shrimp!) and a steak dinner at Temple Bar (a nice fuel up after an afternoon’s hike). The second day’s excursion started with a breakfast sandwich and tasty latte from Flour (there are a few of these in Boston and they are wonderful), then a drive out to Marblehead for a walk along the coast and to stumble upon gems like the real whale-sized hedge (pic below). The town here is a small and quaint typical New England village. Dinner was ribs and frites from The Beehive – good sized entrees, nifty ambiance, and friendly service. dpr spent the morning of her last day running along the Charles which is always good for some deep thinking.

Tip: Boston’s transit system, the T is a cheap and efficient way to get around. Buy a daily or weekly Charlie card for the best value. From Cambridge to the airport took about 30 minutes.

Note: dpr will put up some previous trips to Boston soon, since this post doesn’t have any Boston pics!


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