Chicago for Labour Day Long Weekend

Getting there: Air Canada on points.

Where we stayed: We tried a little boutique hotel, The Acme for a night, then Chez Uncle T’s in the ‘burbs. The Acme is on Ohio Street about 2 blocks from Michigan Avenue where a lot of shopping is in Chicago. We got a good deal online and thought it would be fun to try – it’s pretty funky and the rooms are well done- small and hip, but we’re used to a small space in downtown TO anyway. Our king room had a good size bathroom, a little table that reminded dpr of the one from their holiday trailer growing up, and the view of a painted mannequin out the window (see below)! There was also good free wifi, a gym in the basement (tiny, but with all the equipment you need), along with a sauna and hot tub down there, and a free thermos of coffee delivered in the morning at a set time.

Fun: Since we generally come to Chicago to visit Uncle T and Oma in the burbs, we like to try to do a night/day downtown to shop, too. This visit was no different – we got in on Thursday night, ate and shopped all day Friday and then took the commuter train out to the suburbs with our luggage in tow (this is where traveling with carry on only is also handy!). Oh the bargains! We grabbed a half price floor sample stool for our patio at Room and Board (um, Mom and Pop Transport Company, we have another job for you!), lots of goodies at Nordstrom Rack (hello, $4 skirt made in the USA! and Cole Haan booties for close to half price!), and the usual toiletry stock up at Target (yes, I know there’s Target in Canada now, but it’s still cheaper to buy here and carry home). And the food since the 2ds are total gluttons: Epic Burger is a must, followed by cupcake chasers from Sprinkles (how fun is a cupcake ATM?), and our usual homemade wonton party and bbq fest at Uncle T’s. The weather was spectacular for the end of summer and the Chicago thunderstorms did not disappoint on our second night here – complete with the weather sirens sounding – see the amazing storm front photo below.



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