Hong Kong Layover

Getting there: Air Canada, then the Airport Express in to Hong Kong from the airport.

Fun: I haven’t been to HK in nearly 2 years, so when I had the opportunity to extend a 2 hour layover to 7 on the way to Singapore for work, I decided to do it. d2 was in HK the week before me, so he scoped out the luggage storage in the airport – super easy to find (terminal 2) and super cheap (about $1.25/piece of luggage/hour). I found out that if you’re going to and from HK in the same day on the Airport Express, you only need to pay for a one way ticket instead of a return, so that cost about $13 or so.

So in to the city I went- to the Hong Kong side with a mission: to get a red velvet cupcake at Sift Bakery. After about 30 min, it was mission accomplished! Yum. Then off to the iconic Star Ferry to cross the Harbour, walk along the Kowloon harbourfront, and then up Nathan Road, in to a few favourite shops, across Austin Road, and back to the Kowloon Airport Express station. Back at the airport a couple hours later, and in to the lounge for some food before the next flight.

Even though the layover was 7 hours, I only had about 2 in total in the city – the super quickie in and out, but it was worth it – and still a great break on an otherwise super long journey. Thanks, HK!


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