Singapore – a Sneak Peek

Getting there: Air Canada to Hong Kong, United to Singapore*.

*As a rule, I avoid United, but admittedly, this was the best (note that the bar is extremely low) United flight I’ve ever been on. United has to compete with the Asian airlines on this route, so surprisingly this flight: was on a plane built after 1980, had individual seat tv’s, was actually staffed with nice people and not just 1 person for all of economy, served an actual meal that you didn’t have to pay for. For all I knew, I was on a United flight to Mars – definitely a surreal experience.

Where we stayed: Marina Bay Sands. This place was pretty crazy – as in posh, gigantic, everything, and in a nutshell: is Vegas. It’s a huge hotel built in a bayfront area that doesn’t have much else around it, there’s a gigantic over airconditioned mall attached to it with tonnes of high end stores and overpriced restaurants, there’s a casino, there’s an infinity pool overlooking Singapore on the 57th floor, the rooms are insane, and the list goes on. There was free wifi, the gym was free, pool was free, free bottled water in your room everyday, and there weren’t coffee makers in the rooms (seriously?!), but there was free coffee and tea every morning in the lobby. It’s also got a subway stop right under it, so it’s super accessible to the rest of the city.

Fun: This was a work trip, so I only had a morning and afternoon to explore. The subway system in Singapore is clean (you can’t even bring durians on it!), easy to navigate, and affordable. So I took the subway in to Orchard Road which is sort of a main strip/shopping area – something like 20 malls all along this road. There were delicious and affordable food options in the malls with all kinds of tasty goods, and a lot of the malls were a repeat of stores (that ranged from super high end to department stores), but it was still fun to see anyway. Singapore is a super modern city – it’s ridiculously clean and the people were very nice.

I’m going back to Singapore in a few weeks with d2, so this day or so of exploring was just a preview for our next trip that’s a bit longer.


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