Getting there: Air Canada and Lufthansa there, Air Canada direct home

Where dpr stayed: This was a quickie work trip and I was put up in the Scandic Copenhagen, which is just outside of the central part of Copenhagen (5 minute walk), close to the main train station, and easy to access public transportation. The room was pretty spacious for Europe, had good free wifi and had a huge buffet breakfast included. The gym was also good and had a dry sauna.

Fun: Since I was there for work I had only a bit of free time – an evening and a whole free day. I was in Copenhagen for a weekend nearly 10 years ago in the summer and I visited the famous Little Mermaid and the royal family’s palace and shopped in the city centre. So I spent the majority of my time doing the following, which you’ll see in the photos: eating delicious food and drinking wonderful coffee, and shopping. Even though things are pricey there, you can ask for a ‘tax receipt’ when you shop and when you go to the airport, you go to a kiosk there that will give you about 15-20% of your purchases back. I guess that’s how I justified what I bought! And even though it snowed a lot one day, within another day, it was melted and warm again. My hostess also took me to a lovely Italian restaurant that I definitely wouldn’t have found on my own, and spent an afternoon with me giving me a good tour of the city centre from a local’s point of view.  The design history in Copenhagen is wonderful and there is a department store called Illum that is not to be missed! d2 was very jealous that this was my second trip to Copenhagen….one day we’ll get there together I’m sure.


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