Vancouver in spring

Getting there: Air Canada

Where dpr stayed: dpr came for a 1 day meeting, and decided to make the most of a trip across the country, so made it in to a long weekend. The first 2 nights were at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Canada Place (good: LOCATION is amazing right on the water, big room, pretty decent food at meeting, easy to get to from the airport on the Canada Line, good gym, bad: dated hotel – it’s still in its Expo86 glory days), and the last 2 nights were at the Westin Bayshore Hotel which I really like because it’s so close to Stanley Park and the seawall (other goods: quiet room, good view, recently updated, bad: wifi is $15/day or free in the lobby which is where I’m posting from).

Fun: Nothing too crazy on this trip except a lot of wandering around downtown. I hadn’t been to Gas Town for awhile, so I spent some time there – there are lots of nice clothing and other shops (note: lots of souvenir shops and galleries here, too), and lots of nice restos and tonnes of coffee shops since I was here last. So I had a good time there and also wandering around Yale Town and the usual walk down Robson St. I also ran the seawall before the sprinkling rain turned to an afternoon downpour, and for the last part of my run, cut through Stanley Park, marveling at the huge trees and listening to all the birdies and the super loud honking Canada Geese. I think that was a trip highlight (not the honking geese, but the seawall and Park run). I also went to the Vancouver Art Gallery and lucked out on exhibits that were showing from Edward Burtynsky, Lawren Harris, and Emily Carr (different from the permanent collection), and since I’m not an artist, I went through the contemporary exhibit but I did. not. get. it or appreciate it at all. At least I tried…? No real food highlights except for a shawarma from the food truck, and I suppose depending on how much of a foodie you are, that might actually gross you out. Weather-wise, it’s been a good mix of sun and rain, so in my books on Vancouver, that’s a pretty decent average.


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