Wintery Cape Cod

Getting there: Air Canada on points to Boston, ROAD TRIP to the Cape!

Where the 4ds stayed: The Toronto 2ds spent a long weekend with the Boston 2ds on this trip (seriously, both sets of 2ds have the exact first names – it’s fun when we all get together – lots of full first and last name names are called!). The Boston 2ds have friends with a house in Cape Cod, so we were able to stay there. It’s actually on Tripadvisor here – and it is AMAZING – steps from the beach and huge. dpr’s thinking that another visit is in order during the summer.

Fun: d2 planned this trip with the Boston 2ds as a surprise for dpr for Valentine’s Day/her 40th bday. Best. Guy. Ever. So since this was an early March trip, we didn’t have too many beach activities planned except for fetch with the Boston 2ds beloved doggie. We did the usual eating routine: any donut/bakery we could find, plus we aimed for 3 square meals a day with lots of coffee. I’d say we did well on all fronts in terms of eating. We also took a drive up the Cape to Provincetown. A lot of places in the Cape were closed until early April for the season, but it was also nice to avoid the summer crowds that we’ve experienced in Provincetown before, and just to see the stunning beaches and sunsets in all their wintery-glory were worth the weekend getaway.


2 thoughts on “Wintery Cape Cod

  1. Toronto 2D’s – So very glad you enjoyed the wintery Cape and Dakota Sands. Donuts are good any time of year there, and the sun still sets in the most marvelous of ways despite the cold. Please come again in the summer! (And bring the Boston 2D’s with you….)
    Patricia, owner and lover of Dakota Sands

    • Patricia! Thank you for reaching out to me – it’s lovely to meet you electronically, and thank you again for your wonderful Dakota Sands. We will definitely be visiting again! Happy day to you.

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