Getting there: I boogied down in the 2000 Jetta. Just me and the tunes on the highway.

Where dpr stayed: I came in the night before for a morning meeting and stayed at the Queen’s Landing hotel. It’s a 5 minute walk from the main street, and is an exquisite looking brick mansion. The inside is slightly tired, but the room was a good size and well appointed. I had free internet, and there’s free parking, a gym (I didn’t use it- I skipped outside instead for a quick workout), and the food was wonderful. I ordered room service when I got in and it was prompt and stupidly delicious – I think the best veggies I’ve had in a long, long time.

Fun: After my morning meeting, I decided to talk a stroll through town before going home. It was just clearing up after a morning rain, and since it’s off season, there was no one around- it was perfect for an anti-social type like me :o) I made my way through a lovely park to Queen St. (the main street) with a mission: apple butter from Greaves. This is a little store that sells all types of jams and they have the best brand of apple butter (note that I said best brand because my mom actually makes the best apple butter, but we already burned through her care pack awhile ago.) I bought a couple of huge jars that should last us for a few months, and I may have also visited a nearby bakery to get a giant chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. Maybe. Queen St. is a quaint little street that could be found in any small town in Ontario – lined with shops and restos. Then I made my way down towards the river/lake. There’s a really nice park and if I would’ve had more time, it would’ve been the perfect spot to hang out on a bench – you could gaze from there across Lake Ontario towards a very distant Toronto, or across the Niagara River at Fort Niagara, on the US side (which was built by the French in the  late 1600s and is apparently the longest continuously occupied military site in North America). I made my way back to the hotel and still had a bit of time to went off to Fort George. I find all these little forts super fascinating mostly because of their history, and since, for Canada, they’re old (this one is over 200 years old and was a key Fort in the War of 1812). As a bonus, entry is free and there was no one else in the Fort except for me, the ghosts, and some groundhogs I bumped in to on my way out. I’m sure during the high season there are all kinds of activities here, but I was content to just scope things out and to enjoy the view from one of the lookouts. And after that tour about town, I was off back home. Even though I was on my own, it was a lovely mid-week break. And if you’re a wino, you’d definitely love to visit NOTL and hit up the wineries on your way in :o)



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