Getting there: Air Canada on points. Let’s put it this way – the 2ds could get to a lot of exotic places from Toronto for the same price it would cost to fly to Edmonton – points are a good option for this trip.

Where the 2ds stayed: dpr’s childhood home in the suburb of Edmonton called St. Albert. St. Albert has given the hockey world Mark Messier and Jarome Iginla, to name a few, and Saturday nights of Hockey Night In Canada were ingrained in me here.

Fun: I call this our annual pilgrimage to Alberta. Sometimes we go on a road trip to the mountains and we always head north of Edmonton to visit a couple of uncles and aunts. This year it was a day trip north – to the farm to visit one of my uncles and aunts, to a teenie town called Athabasca to visit another uncle and aunt, then to see my brother and his family in the even teenier town of Smoky Lake. Since it was a pretty low key trip with lots of visiting (I visited our neighbours and their son was home. Who I babysat when he was 8. He’s married now and in his early 30s….Gulp.) I just decided to post some photos here that are classic Alberta pictures: miles of open road, a lovely rainbow, the cows in my uncle’s pasture, and of course some tasty treats. Each time I visit home I’m slightly more nostalgic about the past and about memories of spending time in northern Alberta as a kid. Til next time, my prairie home!



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