Down the Road Daytrip

Getting there: The trusty 2000 Jetta.

Fun: It was a beautiful Saturday in June and we’d been wanting to see some of the waterfalls in nearby Hamilton for awhile now. You read that right: we went to Hamilton for an afternoon (which gets a pretty hard time about being an ugly place, but I’ve seen some really nice parts of it). Traffic on the way out of the city was pretty good, so in just under an hour, we were at the Tiffany Falls Conservation area. Our first stop was Tiffany Falls, which was not far of a walk in from the main road, but felt a million miles away from any city. The trail followed a little bumbling stream, which was crossed twice by some wooden footbridge, and the trees formed a wonderful canopy of shade that the sun peeped through here and there. The foliage included ferns and other greenery – not too many flowers down here. Within 10 minutes of leaving our car at the side of the road, the sounds of the stream were taken over by the the falling water- you can see the people on the bottom left of the pic to get an idea of scale. There were only a handful of others there at the same time as us so we could just enjoy the site and sounds of the water.

The falls are at the end of the trail here, so back we went out the way we came in, and across a busy road to a walking trail called the Bruce Trail. This trail is over 800 km long and extends from Niagara all the way up to Bruce Peninsula. We were barely enjoying a slice of it this day. The terrain was very different from near Tiffany Falls – a lot of grasses, wild flowers, still mostly shaded, and a lot of up and down, and after about 20 minutes more of walking, crossing another main road, and voila: waterfall #2, Sherman Falls. These falls looked like a perfect painting of water cascading down stairs! You can see d2 on the left of the pic for scale again. We put our blanket on a fallen tree here and had a picnic before making our way back to the car. Luckily for us there weren’t any mosquitos yet either – I have a feeling there can be infestations in these areas.

I foresee a few more daytrips down here to explore – we had a really great few hours and like I said before, felt like we were nowhere near the city. Thank you, Hamilton! Who knew you had such a lovely little ecosystem within your borders?




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