Spencer Gorge

Getting there: The trusty Jetta!

Fun: My parents came to visit us for a weekend to be part of my race crew (ha!)  for my annual 30 km run. We decided that the morning of the run (since it didn’t start til 5.30 pm) we’d take them down to the Hamilton/Dundas area to explore some waterfalls. d2 did the homework and we went to an area called Spencer Gorge – about a 45 minute drive from our place in TO.

There’s a $10/car fee to park in the lot, which was well worth it. It was an easy walk to Tew’s Falls first – these bad boys are 41 m high! (For reference the sign informed us that Niagara Falls is 50 m high.) The meandering little stream that you pass over on the way to view the falls is deceiving, but you can hear the falls from there. The drop was spectacular, and the gorge here even more so. You can continue on the path to the Dundas peak which has a view of the whole surrounding area, and we’ll be back to visit for that view, but this time we were limited for time and we also didn’t want to poop out my legs for the evening’s events. From here we walked for about 20 minutes to nearby Webster’s Falls. The forest you walk through was lovely – the trees canopy the tail and there is all sorts of different foliage here (it’s a pretty easy walk with one set of stairs – warning that on the way back it’s mostly uphill, but nothing crazy). On the way to Webster’s Falls, you also walk fairly close to the edge of Tew’s Falls, but you can’t see over it (see the picture here). Webster’s Falls have a lot more water flowing over them, and the area has a nice park/picnic spots there, too. Apparently there was a mill here at one time (owned by the Websters who are buried nearby), too. All in all we spent just over an hour wandering around and enjoying the view. It was another one of those day trips where we were amazed at what nature presents just a few minutes off the main highway and in amongst the Ontario farmland and acreages. We’ll definitely be headed back soon to explore more waterfalls – I bet that things look wonderful with fall colours.




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