Copenhagen in Summer

Getting there: Air Canada direct – it’s always a treat to be able to go to Europe direct instead of connecting in Frankfurt or Munich in a total zombie state early in the morning when my body temperature is 700 degrees because I’m usually sleeping at that time and even with the requisite toothbrush, well, you know the rest.

Where I stayed: I was booked in to the First Hotel Mayfair Vesterbro. Just a few blocks from the main train station and not much longer to the main pedestrian centre of the city, this is a great location. This is also a classic European hotel: basically this room was even smaller than the bedroom I had growing up except with a tv and a bathroom added. The bathroom sink took the honours of the Smallest Bathroom Sink I’ve Ever Had in a Hotel Room. When I tried to wash my face at night, there was more water *around* the sink than actually went in to it. But it was all good! The bed was comfy, the windows opened (I read reviews and asked for a non-street facing room), shower was compact but had good pressure, wifi was free. There was no gym here, but it was summer, so I head a few blocks away to a man made lake so I could either do plyometrics or run in the morning. And there were lots of coffee spots to grab breakfast on the way back.

Fun: This was a work trip, but the day I arrived I was free. Since this was my third visit to Copenhagen, I knew exactly where I was going first: for coffee and a Danish (note that I couldn’t even contain myself before taking a picture of this guy – I tore right in to it when the lady handed it across the counter. THEN I could take a pic), then to Illums Bolighus, my favourite department store, to scope out deals. This time I managed to find myself a ring and I also love to just look at all the swanky designer goods there (d2 would be in heaven here). I was also on a mission for some good walking sandals (the usual translation to this would be: old lady sandals, but I refuse to go there yet, even though, well, I do have arthritis), but I was not successful (I seem to have hit that age where I always wonder how they wear those heels on their sandals). So while I attempted to tell myself I would actually find the kind of shoes I was looking for, I had a spectacular time also people watching and just wandering along the canal. My contact there took me out for a couple of wonderful meals – one evening for French (gulp, I’m still getting past having tried frog legs) food and another night for some lovely tapas. So while I only had one day to do my own thing and the rest was work, it was 10 years almost to the day that I first been to Denmark, and what a lovely 10th anniversary trip it was :o)



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