Getting there: Walked! Lucky for us the CNE is about a 10 minute walk from our place.

Fun: The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is an annual event in Toronto that happens every August for a couple of weeks and which wraps up on Labour Day. According to its website, it has been known as the CNE since 1912 and is apparently still one of North America’s top 10 agricultural fairs. So the CNE is many things to different people, including a place: for out of this world bad for you food (hello, mini donuts!), to enjoy carnival rides and games, to do some shopping (yes, there’s a whole exhibit floor for outlets, electronics, gadgets, arts and crafts, and ‘international’ goods), to watch the Superdogs (our first stop of the CNE – who doesn’t like watching some good dog tricks?), to check out the agricultural exhibits (my personal favourites are the piggies), and to watch the airshow. I’d say we took in most of the events yesterday except the rides. Although we’ve barely had any summer days this year, yesterday was one of our few and we enjoyed lovely hot, humid weather to wander aimlessly with thousands of others, around the exhibition grounds. This is not an every year event for us or our most exotic destination, but it was a pretty fun day all in all.


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