NYC in September

Getting there: Air Canada on points.

Where the 2d’s stayed: Hotels in NYC are crazy prices in case you didn’t know it. When you’re looking for one, you are quickly desensitized to $300/night price-tags — and that’s not even for an upscale hotel. As per usual, we booked on Hotwire (why aren’t they paying me for plugging them yet??!) and since it was Fashion Week AND the end of the US Open, we scored a Holiday Inn in midtown for …. you don’t want to know the price (note to my mom: you will not call me cheap anymore when you find out the price. Ok, maybe you will because of all the other things I do.). In any event, the room was big for NYC – which means it was regular-sized in any other city. You also didn’t have to use the toilet while doing a wrapped up yoga pose, which further supports that the room was a good size. The hotel itself was large, had free wifi, coffee maker in the room, a fully equipped gym in the basement (actually reminded me a bit of Gold’s in Venice Beach how it was absolutely jammed with every piece of equipment you could possibly need), and it was a few blocks to a subway stop.

Fun: We booked this trip only the week before we went. d2 had to be in NYC for work so I decided to tag along. I have been itching to go back since we spent Christmas there last year. So what did we do? Well, if you know me, the bulk of the trip was food and shopping – some of the usual spots and some new spots, too. Of course we hit up Doughnut Plant (um, pretty much daily), we found a new spot that makes good salads and breakfasts called Fresh & C0, and we had dinner at our favourite Indonesian restaurant called Bali Nusa. Yum. Thanks to the rain we also stumbled on a tasty Mexican restaurant called Tacombi where we had the most delicious tacos made in a VW camper van. A very neat find in Nolita. For shopping we pretty much explored the city: near Central Park to Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s, down to Soho to the same stores and everything in between, back up to 34th St. to Macy’s, and also spent some time in Nolita and the Bowery. We’ve been to the Bowery and Nolita nearly 10 years ago and they’ve changed a lot (that means they’re a lot less sketchy than they used to be – there are some funky little stores there now).

And what would NYC be without a trip to Central Park and the Highline trail? We visited the Meatpacking district to shop and found Fashion Week hype all around, and then made our way up to the Highline trail and walked from the southern end to where it stops about 30 minutes north. From here we had spectacular views of the river on one side and Chelsea on the other. On our way to Central Park we wandered through more Fashion Week festivities just outside the Metropolitan Opera House and Lincoln Centre. We found ourselves a nice grassy lawn/roof top on one of the restaurants there and had a little nap to give us energy for our visit to John Lennon’s apartment building and then Central Park to feed the squirrels there. I was sad to come home – there’s never any shortage of things to do in NYC – can’t wait til our next visit!


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