48+ hrs in Montreal

Getting there: Air Canada from the Toronto Island Airport (how amazing is it to jump in a cab for a 5 minute ride to the airport?)

Where dpr stayed: The wonderful Nelligan Hotel in Old Montreal – a little bit of Europe in my own backyard. This hotel is an old building and I had a nice large room with a view of the port as well as a bathroom that is nearly the same size as my condo’s living room. Hotel staff were nice, wifi was good, meeting rooms and food were also pretty delicious. Though there’s no in-room coffee pot, I found the free coffee all-the-time station in the restaurant. Life was good after that find.

Fun: This was another work visit for a couple of days but I did get to head out one evening for a short walk in the old city as well as for a run early one morning. I stuck to the old city, and heading out on an early Saturday morning run was perfect because no one was out, so I had the streets and port area all to myself. I got to explore parts of the port I haven’t seen before – an area that had a bunch of ice fishing shacks still on it, and a little beach area (see the blue umbrella picture) by the clock tower where this war memorial made me stop and really think. And then I watched the St. Lawrence whizzing by me. Heading back from my run, I had to stop and wait for a big freight train to pass before I could even get back to my hotel. For a minute I thought I was in small town Alberta – waiting for the train and since the winter temperature was about the same. Lovely little weekend getaway.


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