48 hrs in Philly

Getting there: Air Canada on points.

Where dpr stayed: This was a dpr solo trip – I Hotwired a hotel near the conference hotel I was going to be at for 2 days and ended up with a Sofitel in Rittenhouse Square, which is a lovely part of Philadelphia. Even with Hotwire, I paid a small fortune, but I could walk to where I wanted to go and there was lots of restos nearby. Wifi was good, the room was nice but dated, and the hotel staff were super nice.

Fun: I was here for a 2 day meeting, so unfortunately I wasn’t going to see too many sites. But I did manage to go out for a stroll when I arrived (and do some quality shopping on a Sunday afternoon which is a good thing because what’s up with most of the downtown stores closing at 7 pm in this town?!), found myself a tasty donut and fried chicken spot (Federal Donuts – I held back and stuck to the donut – think Tiny Tom’s donuts at the Exhibition hits flavour explosion – I had a strawberry and lavender donut), Shake Shack (any day where ‘burger for dinner’ is part of my vocabulary is a wonderful day), and ah-hem, a Philly cheesesteak sandwich (it’s been far tooooo long, my cheesesteak friend). I also managed to go to the park to see the famous Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture and see City Hall lit up in all its glory. I also saw pot holes that could swallow up children or small cars (seriously) and a line up at Trader Joe’s that circled the entire store (this is not a joke – I couldn’t understand who the lady with the flag was when I entered the store, even after I read the sign on her flag “THE LINE STARTS HERE.” Um, I guess I don’t need those 2 bananas after all), and that was about it. Even though my stay was way too short, Philly is a lovely very old and historic city – definitely worth another visit.


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