Jasper Nat’l Park

Every year we make a pilgrimage home to Edmonton to visit dpr’s parents. It’s the land of pick up trucks, fields as far as the eye can see, and hockey. Basically that’s it, and really that probably explains a lot about me. This year we convinced my folks that we should do a road trip to Jasper – we haven’t been to the mountains in a few years and had a craving for it. So off we went in my parents’ new car which is about the size of a shoe box, but a surprisingly comfortable ride.

Day 1 – we made it to Jasper, and checked in to our little pine bungalow just outside of town and next to the Athabasca River which is insanely high this year. True to our trips to Jasper growing up, we stopped for A&W on the way, and once inside the park gates the wildlife show began with sights of big horn sheep, other sheep and goats, and an elk with the most velvet-y horns I’ve ever seen. From across the highway I could tell they were furry and soft. Amazing! We strolled through town and went to bed early.

Day 2 – we started out with intentions of hiking near Mount Edith Cavell, but it was closed. So we went to our old favourite, Athabasca Falls, after a short stop and walk to Moab Lake (basically mosquitos that were thick like fog – no joke). The 2ds recreated a picture next to the Falls that we took nearly 10 years ago. Yikes…we look our age but surprisingly (…or not) I am wearing the exact same jacket. We also had our first black bear sighting on the side of the road. That’s the money shot you’re after in the mountains! After an afternoon nap, necessitated not by my parents, but by the 2ds, we made a trek up to Medicine Lake and then Maligne Lake for a lovely walk. We had black bear sighting numbers 2-6 here, including a momma and her 2 cubs (thankfully from very far away), saw two bald eagles on their nest and a moose! It felt like we were driving through a wildlife park.

Day 3 – time to head back home. Black bear sighting number 7 – that’s a record. We took a long route down to the Columbia Icefield, in to Banff National Park, and then home via Nordegg and Rocky Mountain House. We stopped in the teeniest, tiniest town of Nordegg at a little cafe….yummy.

A lovely visit to the Rockies – saw some of my favourite spots on earth again and got to breathe that super amazing mountain air.


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