Pan Am Torch Relay

Many months ago, I found out that you could apply online to be a Pan Am 2015 torch runner. Since I live in TO, and I watched the 2010 Vancouver Olympics torch relay run through Toronto and shed a tear or two, I thought why not? A month ago I got a call from the organizers saying I had been selected! Even though I was on the b-list and invited after someone else dropped out, who cares? So I entered all my information for my background check, passed that (phew…ha), and then waited for the big day.

d2, my mom, and my niece were my official cheering team, and met me at my starting point at Queensway and Grand Ave, after I was dropped off in my nifty outfit and by the Torch Relay bus. I was the lucky starting person in my section, so I got my torch lit from a gold lantern, and was on my way. I ran about 200 m and managed to a) not fall, b) not catch anything on fire, and c) have a super good time!! It’s definitely something I will always remember and I’m super glad I took the chance and submitted my application all those months ago.


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