This summer I did a mini trip to Halifax for a work meeting – but I got in a good mix of work and fun like I always do. First off, the weather was amazing (muggy! hot!) – just how I like it, but apparently unusual for Halifax. Second, I stayed at a great new Hampton Inn which had super service, good sized rooms, free wifi, free hot breakfast, and they even had a little private cubicle with wifi for me to work in when I checked out.

So while I got to the meeting and learned much interesting stuff, I also got to run to the Citadel or the harbour in the morning before anyone was there and eat lots of delicious food at the Battered Fish, 2 Doors Down, and Dharma Sushi and sip delicious coffee at little independent shops. The graveyard photos is where a lot of soldiers from the War of 1812 are buried – including the fellow who lead the Brits/Canadians who burned down the Whitehouse (did you know that story….?!). By far my biggest moment of reflection was visiting Pier 21 again where my grandma came to Canada way back around 70 years ago as a little girl. She and her mom and siblings would’ve gotten on a railcar just like the one in the picture. Even though I’ve been before and know the story, just being there again sent shivers down my spine. I can’t imagine what they thought when they came off the boat from Europe, or what they felt getting on that train to go see my great-grandpa again since he was already living in Alberta. I guess I felt a strange sense of connection when I was there. So even though my trip was short- it was fantastic and full of great memories. The East coast of Canada is such a beautiful place- I need to get back for a longer visit one day.

battered fish daves citadel citadel wall graveyard pier21 pier21 railcar sushi argyle st


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