So I had a whopping weekend in London recently- sigh, I wish I had longer, but I couldn’t stay. I arrived on a Sunday morning and luckily I had a hotel room already, so after a 30 minute journey at Heathrow, I got to my hotel in terminal 4, showered, changed, and grabbed a day pass for the Tube. In to the city I went!!

My super good friend, another D, what’s app’d me an itinerary the day before knowing that I only really had an afternoon to wander around. First off, the weather was amazing- about 19 and sunny!! I got off the subway at Trafalgar Square and was suddenly, seriously thrust in to a commercial I saw the night before…I was literally standing in the square in front of the National Portrait Gallery just like in the commercial. Too surreal. I saw the Canadian Embassy in one part of the square and watched people and the double decker buses go by. Then I made my way to the Monument which is a very tall monument erected to commemorate the Great London Fire in 1666. Pretty amazing to be standing in that spot and thinking about the history. On to the subway again and to the Tower of London. I wish I had an appetite but I had a sore throat and cold, otherwise I would’ve easily inhaled some fish and chips at a nearby vendor. I wandered around the outside of the Tower and then walked across the Tower Bridge. I wandered through the streets on the other side of the Thames and was awestruck at how much the harbourfront actually felt like being on Hong Kong harbourfront. Back across London Bridge and caught a view across the river of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. I felt like I was walking through a history lesson. From here I made my way to St. Paul’s Cathedral- which was huge and quite beautiful. On the subway again to make my way to King’s Road for some shopping, Harrod’s to do a lot of looking and gawking, and then my last stop of Buckingham Palace and the park around it.

Since I was only functioning on a few hours’ sleep and was in need of more, I called it a day. What a spectacular way to spend a Sunday afternoon – in a virtually guided tour by a good friend, and just soaking up all the sights and history. Lovely London, how I can’t wait to visit you again one day (…except I hope my dollar is doing better by then).


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