What’s new? I went to a meeting for my patient work and it was in a spectacular place – Kananaskis. I have not been here since I went in grade 8 to watch the alpine skiing event during the 1988 Olympics with my school, Sir George Simpson Junior High  School. I had convinced my parents to drive down about 4 hours from Edmonton to spend a couple of nights with me at the end of my meeting so we could have a visit. Basically we spent 2 days soaking up the mountain air, eating tasty food, and generally being the only people at the hotel (…really…there were about 10 cars in the parking lot yesterday and the hotel is basically in the middle of nowhere in the mountains). The first day we went on a lovely 5-ish km walk on a path that started along the Kananaskis River. Apparently it’s Golden Eagle migration season, and so about 20 minutes in to our walk we came upon the ‘birder station’ where a couple of gents were set up with different telescopes and binoculars and we watched some Golden Eagles swooping high in the mountains and were told all about many different birds. Then we continued our way through a meadow and in to a wood which smelled divinely of pine needles. Not far in to the woods we came upon a babbling stream that had all kinds of icicles hanging from the trees that were felled over it. And not far from there, to a lovely little waterfall called Troll Falls. What a good name for a waterfall. There were a handful of others there, but not enough to be crowded. We also got to watch a woodpecker in action and lots of squirrels chasing each other, along with some other birds I’d never seen. Then back to the car via a meandering walk through the woods and up and down various hills. We also did a short trip in to Canmore, which is basically a lot like any other small town in the Rockies- a main street with all kinds of shops. Needless to say that evening we all slept like logs.

Yesterday we got up and had some breakfast and then went for a walk around the grounds of the hotel. On our first stop we encountered 5 deer eating their breakfast – munching on some yummy sweet clover close to the hotel, and not much impressed by us being around. Then we continued on the loop which gave us a fantastic view of the Kananaskis River from another perspective way up on the hillside compared to the day before when we walked along its shores. After a gaze across the valley it was time to say farewell, and in to the car we got so my parents could drop me off at the Calgary airport on the way home. A short trip, but a lovely one to the Rockies – one of my favourite spots on earth.


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