Malton Airport Gallery

Now I’m betting you won’t think this is much of an adventure, but the Malton Airport Gallery was really a cool find a few years ago when d2 and I first discovered it. I like to think of it as one of those hidden gems that’s waiting to be found. It’s in Pearson Airport in T1, and it’s on what I call the Being John Malkovich Floor of the airport (if you  haven’t seen the movie, this won’t be a good reference for you). It’s basically the floor in between Arrivals and Departures, or another way to sneak in to the luggage area at Canadian arrivals without waiting for the doors to swing open so you can get in.

Anyway, if you’re actually interested in it, it’s a cool little space. It really is just a tiny room that has different displays throughout the year. The other day we swung by to see a display on Canadian aviation. Ever heard of the Arrow? Do you remember CP Air? WardAir? Or not even  that long ago….Canadian? Everything from crew outfits to model planes are there right now. I guess I kind of see it as a little oasis in Pearson’s mass chaos. So the next time you’re at Pearson and you have a few minutes to spare before you go through security, you should check it out (because, p.s. it’s also on the way to the hidden security line up for Canadian departures)!

Malton Airport Gallery


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