Copenhagen before Christmas

Like we’ve done for the past two years, we decided to go away again before the Christmas rush during the holidays. This year we decided to use points to fly to Copenhagen and then Berlin.

I forgot how far north Copenhagen was and it reminded me of growing up in northern Alberta. The sun rose after 8 and set between 3:30-4 pm. I loved how there were lots of lanterns with candles outside of stores and on streets in the late afternoon and in to the evening. The weather was just above freezing and we only had a bit of rain, but it is really damp there and good for layering. The city is super walkable and transit is handy, too, so those were our modes of transport.

I’ve been to Copenhagen before but always for work and only with a few hours or a day to visit. This was d2’s first visit and as a designer this was sort of like a pilgrimage for him. We spent a lot of time shopping all the cool stores in the city centre, including the big department stores that stock all kinds of designer goodies that you only find in specialty stores at home. We only splurged on a few things, though since things are pretty expensive, so it helped that we rented an apartment and made our own breakfasts while we were there. We spent our few days here mostly wandering the city centre, visited Christmas Markets, ate wonderful food (as always, including lots of amazing coffee and baked treats), visited Copenhagen Street Food on our last night (which is really a giant market with all kinds of food vendors in it), visited a friend who lives there, went to the Tivoli one evening (think big amusement park with all kinds of terrible/good food) and also went outside of the city one day to visit Finn Juhl’s workshop/house (he was an architect and designer). People in Copenhagen are amazingly friendly and seem happy, and I loved watching parents biking their children to school and home everyday. Visiting was a wonderful start to our annual pre-Christmas vacation.


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