New York

Lucky us to get to New York more than once this year. I haven’t updated things here because we usually stay in or around the same area and do the same things: shop, eat, sleep, repeat. This time we stayed in the Financial District in lower Manhattan which was different for us. We went for a nice long walk across the Brooklyn Bridge one day which a mix of many things: amazing, sweltering hot (it was weirdly +30 and humid on an October day), and packed full of people (seriously- you could not move in some points). The Bridge was actually way longer than it feels when you drive across it – I think it took us about 40 minutes to walk across it. As per usual, we also explored the city in our continued quest for amazing donuts and were not disappointed by these guys at the Doughnut Project: maple bacon and prosecco.



looking to Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge


long john!

prosecco donut.jpg



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