After a few  years of sending mass emails to friends and family of our travels and other adventures in life, we decided to finally create a site to chronicle these things. We also figured this would be a good way to share some of our frequent traveler tips that seem like no-brainers to us, but apparently not to everyone given a few of our experiences.

The 2d’s have been inseparable for a decade now, and are:

dpr – she’s the organizer and logistics planner, you can find her on twitter (@TO_dpr) and Tripadvisor (d_p_richards), &

d2 – he’s the creative one who’s a lot more spontaneous and go with the flow.

A few other things that will help with putting our adventures in to perspective for you – we:

  • are based in Toronto, Canada,
  • don’t have kiddies or pets, so we can pretty much pack up and go whenever we wish,
  • aren’t high end travelers – our style is more to watch our budget and maybe splurge* once in awhile (*and even that’s a relative term),
  • aren’t prone to tours – we’d prefer to be out exploring on our own,
  • are always out for the best deals we can find.

We could link to tonnes of other sites, but we’ve chosen only to include links where we think it’s in your best interest – quaint accommodations we’ve stayed in, the best of the best bakeries and restaurants, but other than that, we aim to give you enough information to do a quick Google to find the places we tell you about. This also helps us keep our broken links to a minimum.

This is an independent site – we aren’t affiliated with any agency, tour company, hotel group, airline, etc. All opinions are solely based on our own experiences and represent our own.


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